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Listen. Liquid, the syllables; the echo, luminous

Mix Media 3 Channel Video installation with Drawing

During the lockdown I really found my anxiety was completely out of whack. I turned to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos to help me sleep, it became my digital pilgrimage, I would play nature sounds and digital audio-scapes to help stave off the waves of insomnia that plague my world. I also found much solace in gardening and going out in nature walks with my kids and dogs each day. 


 My Turas, was both physical and digital. It was the commitment I made to myself each day to keep the black canine at bay. When I considered what Turas is now I had to make a kind of unattainable image of respite. This mixed media work is a digital “copy” or manifestation of nature, it a bricolage of hand drawn representations of nature, then reassembled digital collages of moving images of nature, hand draw digital animations replete with an audio score made up of my own sensory sounds that I found help to trigger that tingling experience that would eventually leave my body to a sense of calmness and eventual sleep. The title of the work is taken from another piece of art, a line from the poem by the great Doireann ní Ghríofa from her work “At Bridget’s Well”

Poetry I found had a similar affect on me, it was a material I returned to a lot over the course of this plague year. It expanded my hypothalamus to picture materials and fluid in-between spaces and allowed my racing mind to rest. The poem by Ní Ghríofa is an ode to Bride, not Columcille, but these two iconic Irish figures have wells, pilgrimage and liminal dreamy in-between spaces in common. The latter mentioned wells and sacred sites, only a stones throw from the initial location of the first iteration of this work work,  Glebe House Gallery. In this wonderful work of literature the piece sees nature is a potent material, it transcends the reader to a kind of astral plane beyond a place of pain and suffering. As an artist you can only hope to achieve such distraction to the complexity and anxiety that this world seems to dish out at times.

Listen Lquid- The syllables, Video, Drawing, Projection Installation with sound 2_3 channe
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