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Listen. Liquid, the syllables; the echo, luminous

Mix Media 3 Channel Video installation with Drawing

Listen Liquid: the Syllables, is a multi channel experimental lens based media installation. It was initially commissioned by Glebe House Gallery for a show entitled TURAS in 2020. Since then the artist has shown it in MEM Festival Bilbao, at Limerick City Gallery of Art and The Whitaker Museum UK. 

The work is inspired by "At Bridget's Well" a poem by Doireann Ní Ghríofa and Barry's quest for well being during the time of the pandemic. The sound score that accompanies the work is a combination of ASMR and her attempts to digitally replicate her garden. There is a note that the artist expresses her frustration and how the digital world cannot emulate the beauty and authenticity of the natural world. Her installation is made using drawing and analog print technologies married with cutting edge experimental softwares and animations she has created out of filming her spaces of refuge.

Listen Lquid- The syllables, Video, Drawing, Projection Installation with sound 2_3 channe
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