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Heteratopic Glitch

Aideen Barry & Anne Ffrench

Heteratopic Glitch is a performance work by artists Anne Ffrench and Aideen Barry originally commissioned for Kinsale Arts Week 2008. The brief was to create a performance work that would be publicly viewable, taking into account the historical coastal town of Kinsale in its presentation. 

The artists visited a number of sites and a couple of possibilities were taken into account. In the end the most obvious choice, and most accessible location for everyone was the harbour itself. The challenge then was to make something that was coming from both of their practices. The artist Aideen Barry comented:

"I am preoccupied with notions of the uncanny, experiments in weightlessness and Anne too was interested in Endurance Performance which we both have a history of working in."

Together they played with the idea of creating something that would defy gravity, and be accessible on a number of different levels to the community including residents, commercial groups and visitors to this coastal town. Aideen Barry, having grown up in Cork and a frequent visitor to Kinsale, was especially interested in making something quite unique, while Anne Ffrenchhad just moved to the area and was interested in including other members of the community into the creation of this work.

"We received generous support from our volunteers (our elegant ladies) and the Kinsale Outdoor adventure centre who were outstanding in their support and health and safety concerns." Aideen Barry.

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