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2016 marked a significant solo survey of the work of Aideen Barry in the Royal Hibernian Academy with a solo show entitled "Brittlefield', where barry took inspiration from William Hope Hodges' 1906 House on the Borderland as a starting point for creating a series of subverted architectural scenarios to experience 10 years of her moving i,age works.Interrogating the space where media and viewer meet, Barry has created an architectural intervention into the gallery landscape. Shards, protruding from a large floor structure fuse the viewer to the viewed, Barry has concocted an ominous installation, channeling ideas of anxiety, function and dysfunction. This work will feature in Pallas Periodical Reviews of 20 years on significant shows in Ireland. A piece on this work, written by Patrick T. Murphy, Director of the RHA will be featured in the coming weeks here.

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