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The Monachopsis Vitrines were a series of socially distant viewing furniture created by Barry for the By Slight Ligaments touring exhibition curated by Sarah Searson. It debuted in Limerick City Gallery of Art in November 2021 and toured to Source Art Centre & The Whitaker Museum (UK) in 2022. The vitrines were created in two different forms. One for able bodied adults and with the consultation of Jen Shortt ( Disability advocate & consultant) a second Vitrine was designed for Wheelchair users and children. The vitrines contained 10 channel video and 2 channel sound. The sound foley and design was create by composer and sound artist Fiona Sheil for the work which was supported through an Arts Council of Ireland Project Award 2021.

One of the most important collaborators on the By Slight Ligaments project has been between Barry & one of Irelands leading contemporary literary artists Sinéad Gleeson.


Sinéad has written and created a critical essay envisaged as a work of art that haunts the gallery space. BEÁL, (All Silent But For the Buzzing)  is written and performed by Gleeson but composed and arranged by Stephen Shannon. Played on a Bright COVID Yellow Vinyl and placed at the mouth of Barry's Schufftan wall. It is a provocative and haunting work that melts into an minor C of melancholia that is both uplifting and deeply sad. This is Barry & Gleeson's first collaboration but the artists intend to bring BEÁL, (All Silent But For the Buzzing) into different public spheres over the course of the exhibition. 


Firstly in a manifestation of light, sculpture architectural intervention and kinetic object, later with the release of the "Exhibition Catalogue" as a VInyl Record and finally as a performed work at The Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris in 2022.


Text by Sinéad Gleeson

In collaboration with Stephen Shannon

With additional voice recording by Tara Flynn

Artwork by Aideen Barry


“By Slight Ligaments”

Curated by Sarah Searson

Produced by

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Source Art Centre

Centre Culturel Irlandais

Designed by Aleks Rydzkowska/ THE VISUAL RIOT


Studio Aideen Barry

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland

Project New Work Award 2021

By Slight Ligaments
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