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Directed by Alice Maher and Aideen Barry

6SKIN is a sound and image fantasia incorporating live action and animation
sequences. The film is constructed as a series of veils, skins and planes of flowing
imagery which overlap and embrace each other in playful metamorphoses.
Inspired by a series of French tapestries titled ‘The Woman and the Unicorn’ from
the 1500’s, 6SKIN employs the highly patterned palette, repeated motifs and the
non-perspectival space of medieval art.
The sound track by David Stalling also winds itself around and through the film in
conjunction with the melding of images.
Dancers Megan and Jessica Kennedy, who are identical twins, weave their way
through this sensory labyrinth. They navigate the psychedelic landscapes,
inexplicable transformations and puzzling tasks which shape this fantastical world.
Overcome by excess of shape-shifting, they eventually collapse, but the action
doesn’t stop there, as the very pores of their own skins begin to exude further
images in an eternal multiple transformation.
6SKIN was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland,
Project New Work Film Award 2018

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