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Welcome to Killard Town



Killard Town Sits on the banks of Killard Lake and is a fortified 14th Century Town. 

Killard has a population of 6,000 people and growing! It is a historical “fortified town”, dating to the 16th Century. The town takes its name from "Kill", meaning a Church. The Church Is based on the site or fort which houses Killard Castle. It is one of the most prominent examples of a fortified Norman Castle in Ireland. “Ard” meaning high, directly references the castle and its fortified walls as it over looks from a great height, the beautiful Killard Lake.


Killard Town is a great destination for tourists and boasts some of Irelands most beautiful country side.

The Town has an award winning Science Museum Located in the grounds of Killard Castle, with a working Observatory built in the 18th Century by the 8th Earl of Killard. The Town won the 2007 Tidy Towns of the Year Award and in 2003 won the “European Union Enterprise Town of the Year Award”.

Killard is a fantastic centre, which boasts wonderful pubs, restaurants, and public amenities, it is a centre of activity for fishing and water sports and each year thousands of people come to the world famous “Killard Arts Festival” ( 1st -30th August).

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