The Monachopsis Vitrines

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

The viewer of this work will temporarily give over their presence to the object becoming a part of this unusual cabinet, forcing you to self distance, purely from its curve and shape, from other visitors in the gallery. This exchange will permit the viewer to experience a newly constructed animated world which will be created and housed in these almost cylindrical structures employing cutting edge technologies that Barry is known to weave into her works. Barry has worked with master woodworker Charles Perpoil to create these wearable works. The vitrines have been designed with accessibility in mind by using the average height of adults, children and the diameter of the vessels accommodate wheelchair users viewing comfortably.

The animated films themselves are created from the surreal drawings that the artist made during her “confinement”, to use another gothic trope. During the lockdown the artist created numerous digital drawings of surreal, grotesque and humorous nature. Some will feature as a salon hang of printed works and others have become a part of the new moving image experiential wearables.

Barry's performative films bend time and perceived reality in a laboured process of stop-motion animation that she employs to create them. In the performative film and installation "Self Portrait" she constructs several detailed scenarios of restrained protagonists housed in scaled scenes of domestic confinement, using the materials she had to hand during isolation: Cotton wool, Cardboard, Paint, Plasticine, as Barry herself says "The Materials of motherhood, the materials I used to distract my children during the pandemic". Barry is a modern day Trickster, to quote Lewis Hyde.