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Behind the Scenes with Margaret O'Connor

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Take a look into the process of building the headwear with Aideen and Margaret

Margaret O'Connor is one of Ireland's most prominent, multi award winning designers/milliners. O'Connor has come from an Art and textiles background and was trained by some of the 'leading lights of the Millinery industry'.

O'Connor interprets Irish tradition and historicism through her own personal awakening. Her couture designs are filled with the landscape of her hometown of Boston, Tubber in County Clare. Barry and O'Connors collaborative work together on this project responds to the traditional folklore of Balor's Poisoned Eye and the importance of eel skin within Irish mythology. O'Connor uses the motif of the poisoned eye within the crown using strips of light (change this sentence). The poisoned eye happens to be an emblem of both the Inuit and Irish traditional folklore. These designs were developed as performative costume for the 3 protagonists of the film and worn in the live performances of the work which can be seen here.

The crowns can be seen in Barry's video work of OBLIVION as well as the live performance of OBLIVION streamed on RTÉ 1 from The Complex, Dublin. Which can be seen below.

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