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An evolution from NINE to the Art in Childrens Libraries Commission 2015


was work that was developed from the  2013 "NINE" show in the Lab in Dublin and reworked and evolved for the Dublin City Children's Libraries for Dublin City Council and Cabra Library. The work was a multi and micro projected series of monsters and interacted with Neon Thread lettering which was informed by the way 9 year old think and use their imaginations to make worlds. The work was directed by children in consolation with the artist. A series of education and outreach programs directed by artist Claire Halpin accompanied the work.  It was informed by the monumental "Growing up in Ireland" report 2010. It featured an origami publication created in collaboration with

Oonagh Young and HQ Design

The piece was commissioned for Cabra library in 2015 under the 

Art in Children's Libraries Programme.

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