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How to Make:      Part  2

In these short videos I will show you step by step How to Make: The Chameleon Mash

What you will need

The Chameleon Mask

The Fly Prop

Stopmotion studio software

Using Stopmotion studio on your phone

Then I will show you the short film "The Chameleon"

Firstly here is What You will Need:


















The Chameleon Mask:

Download the Template HERE

The Fly Prop:

Download the Sotftware from the App Store on your Iphone or the Google Play Store:

Tutorials on using Stopmotion Studio can Also be found HERE

Animating on your phone with

Stop Motion Studio or Stop Motion Studio Pro

The Chameleon & The Fly

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 22.53.01.png
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