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How to Make:      Part  3

In these short videos I will show you step by step How to Make an Animation Short from Household 

Items over your Christmas Holidays

What you will need

Stopmotion studio software

Using Stopmotion studio on your phone

You will see all the tricks I used to make the film "IRONING BORED"

Firstly here is What You will Need

1) An Ironing Board


3) A safe place to try out the animation

4) Parental Supervision

5) A Smart Phone with the software pre-downloaded

6) A device such as a tripod or selfie stick to hold the phone in place and be fixed and rigid

Download the Software from the App Store on your Iphone or the Google Play Store:

Tutorials on using Stopmotion Studio can Also be found HERE

Animating on your phone with

Stop Motion Studio or Stop Motion Studio Pro

How  to make "Ironing Bored"

your animation short.

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