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This professional development initiative gives artists the unique opportunity to find out exactly what happens in a public art judging panel, and experience examples of artist’s applications, by becoming a panel member of a public art selection process.


Initiated by Mayo County Council’s Arts Office in collaboration with artist Aideen Barry, the Fake Public Art Panel day allows 12 artists to assess a range of applications, all fake, but based on real examples that are submitted for commissions.  The participants will get a great insight into the style, quality and content of applications, how much time each judge spends looking at the submissions and how decisions are reached.


The idea for this session came from the former Public Art Manager, Gaynor Seville, recognising that many artists were regularly making similar errors and limiting their chances of being considered for commissions.   Wanting to find a way of showing artists directly how the selection process works, the types of proposals they may be in competition with, and how important it is to make an impact and ensure there are no gaps in the information provided, this initiative was developed with professional artist Aideen Barry

For more information on the Fake Public Art Panel please email

for an information pack.

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