title. If we hadn’t the horses

date. 2019

Medium. Documentary Film 


Artist. Gianna Tomasso with The Tipperary Traveller Horse Owners Association & Tipperary Rural Traveller Project

‘If We Hadn’t the Horses’ is the result of a durational collaborative engagement between members of Tipperary Traveller Horse Owners Association, Tipperary Rural Traveller Project and Gianna Tasha Tomasso. The project involved multiple negotiations, interactions and knowledge sharing between the collaborators. Traveller led, the projects natural evolution resulted in a short film production aiming to capture some of the  most pressing issues the members of the organisations feel travellers face at this particular moment in time. Complimented by the development of a performative workshop by the participants in traditional ‘Shelter Tent’ construction, combined with the sharing of oral histories, the entire project gives voice to histories, opinions and the importance of horse ownership within the travelling community, ‘If We Hadn’t the Horses’ is a candid and forthright account - 'straight from the horses mouth’.