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title. I am

date. 2019

Medium. Video Installation with Sound 


Artist. Brid Murphy with Darren Collins.

‘I am’ a video a grolan gredhi a inoxed a cuid gruber ge Darren Collins, Mincéir a LGBTQI+ gruber a swuni grat’I a LSAD undergrad Brid Murphy. A gruber mish a swuni a suding LGBTQI+ an a Mincéir.


A gruberin a swurt mala ‘multiscreen video’ gruber a grolan olsk a lesko a tipa a Darren Collins swunied a tad'ir nak’ul ‘multiscreen video installation’ a bini stall in-CAMP’s guck kanya klaiton.


A gruber a swuni’d luba swurkin a Beckett a inox a mala’d a tom t’inox olsk anam, tadir a muni nuck.

‘I am’ is a video and sound installation that resulted from the collaboration between Darren Collins, a Traveller and LGBTQI+ activist, and visual artist and LSAD undergrad Bríd Murphy. This work aims to address the challenges that arise from identifying with multiple minority identities and the complex dynamic of identifying as LGBTQI+ and Traveller.


The project is an ambitious multiscreen video work with sound that conveys the lived experience of Darren Collins presented in a complex multiscreen video installation that temporarily in-CAMP’s itself as an intervention in the museum architect.


The work is a visual poem of Beckett like simplicity and touching on deep and ubiquitous subject matter such as identity, pride and mental health.


The work piece "I am" has been graciously supported by the organisation

Pavee Point, without who's help this project would not have been possible. The artist and those involved with Camp would like to gratefully thank Pavee Point for this support.

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