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Artist/ Grat'i

Brid Murphy with Darren Collins/Brid Murphy a Darren Collins


A large full size projection of Darren Collins in an architectural mapped space under the stairs of the basement Gallery space.An Audio scape single Channel on loop

A video work on a 42 inch monitor on loop next to the projection mapped installation.

Tom lask swuni a Darren Collins a architectural gox turh a meri thur swuni glox.
A ain tari swurkin Channel a sul’a. A suwni luda a 42 inch a sulh’a. arirt’in.
A suwni gruber a 42 inch grat a arirt’in ilm a ‘projection mapped installation’.


Under the stairs of Gallery D in the Museum/ Turh a meri a goihe’d guck kanya


Outline of the work/ Tesk a Gruber

‘I am’ is a video and sound installation that resulted from the collaboration between Darren Collins, a Traveller and LGBTQI+ activist, and visual artist and LSAD undergrad Bríd Murphy. This work aims to address the challenges that arise from identifying with multiple minority identities and the complex dynamic of identifying as LGBTQI+ and Traveller.The project is an ambitious multiscreen video work with sound that conveys the lived experience of Darren Collins presented in a complex multiscreen video installation that temporarily in-CAMP’s itself as an intervention in the museum architect. The work is a visual poem of Beckett like simplicity and touching on deep and ubiquitous subject matter such as identity, pride and mental health.

 ‘I am’ a video a grolan gredhi a inoxed a cuid gruber ge Darren Collins, Mincéir a LGBTQI+ gruber a swuni grat’I a LSAD undergrad Brid Murphy. A gruber mish a swuni a suding LGBTQI+ an a Mincéir.


A gruberin a swurt mala ‘multiscreen video’ gruber a grolan olsk a lesko a tipa a Darren Collins swunied a tad'ir nak’ul ‘multiscreen video installation’ a bini stall in-CAMP’s guck kanya klaiton. A gruberin a swurt mala ‘multiscreen video’ gruber a grolan olsk a lesko a tipa a Darren Collins swunied a tad'ir nak’ul ‘multiscreen video installation’ a bini stall in-CAMP’s guck kanya klaiton. A gruber a swuni’d luba swurkin a Beckett a inox a mala’d a tom t’inox olsk anam, tadir a muni nuck.

Artist/ Grat'i

Lou Wallace/With fellow artists Neilanne Faulkner, Brenda Connors, Kathleen Connors, PJ Mongan and Ian



Lou  Wallace/A subli grati'ath Neilanne Faulkner, Breda Connors, Kathleen Connors, PJ Mongan a Ian McDonagh

Description/ Sunal

5 x Colour Prints behind an Acrylic Mount,

All colour image stills created by members of the Traveller Community

2 x Tv Monitors with black and white HD looping video track.


5 x git’a ghrit’a mwen'a a ‘Acrylic Mount’
Bith git’a ghrit’a sedi gruber’ath a Mincéir geels.
2 x tv suwni’ath a gut a led HD looping suwni’th tober.


Stairwell wall to basement level - Museum of country life, Co Mayo


Meri skrubol crush ain thur gori - Guck kanya Munckeri tapa, Co. Mayo

Outline of the work/Tesk a Gruber

Titles: “PJ by PJ” PJ Mongan

           “Grotto” by Nellieann Faulkner

           “Painting Generation” by Brenda Connors

           “Ned” by Kathleen Connors

           “Part of our past, never forgotten” by Ian McDonagh

           “Lens of the Country Girl” moving image portraits by Louise Wallace.


Five colour image stills captured by members of the Traveller community display

an intimate first-hand account of the visual experienced as life as a young Irish Traveller in 2018. The images taken through a collaboration process between artist and Irish Traveller. The photos guide the viewer into another wise unseen seen world through halting sites, family and traditions. The work is merged with video

fragments that the artist has gathered through the learnt process of the collaboration dialogue. The works are presented in a salon hang of moving image and stills photography.


Monikers: “PJ a PJ” PJ Mongan

           “Muni gox” a Nellieann Faulkner

           “Grat’i gat” a Brenda Connors

           “Ned” a Kathleen Connors
           “Mulk a mulk, nid'ei turk tag’ath” by Ian McDonagh

           “Swuni blinkham a munkeri lackeen crush ain swuni’ath a Louise Wallace.


Suka git’a swuni stedi a bagail a geels a Mincéir geels swini a aid mala whid a Mincéir thoiree a 2018. A swini’ath a neejas gruber g’e a grat’I a Mincéir. A get swuni a swuni’th a stash molly, tribli an mala’ths. A gruber lopso a swuni ladu a grat’I a geels ash a whidden. A gruber a swnuni’ath ath a salon hang a crush’ain lurks a stedi swuner.


Gianna Tomasso

 With North Tipperary Traveller Horse Owners Association

And with support of the Tipperary Rural Traveller Project


Gianna Tomasso

 A Lud’ra Tipperary Mincéir Curry Shum’s
A gruber a Tipperary Munkeri Mincéir Neej’as


14 minute Single Channel Digital Film Document

With Sound./ 14 sromeid wart digital film document a grolan.



 Gallery D facing out to the courtyard where a performative work will also be generated with the aid of the community on the 7th of February 2019./ A goihe’d guck a ragli ah swuni gruber a muni gruber’ath a geels a 7th Id’grimsha 2019.


Outline of the work /Tesk a Gruber

"If We Hadn’t the Horses’ is a collaborative work produced by Tipperary Traveller Horse Owners Association and visual artist and LSAD postgraduate Gianna Tasha Tomasso.


The work stems from a durational engagement between the participants. By building trust and sharing knowledge, the work developed from a shared desire to convey and position the importance of horse ownership as concurrent to the wider issues of identity, heritage and culture that Travellers face in this contemporary moment.From housing issues, histories and politics, the men share with the viewer an intimate snapshot in which they generously an unflinchingly articulate their own position.

 Alongside the short film the men have developed a performative workshop in which they build a traditional shelter tent while articulating to the audience what it means to be a Traveller and horse owner, and convey the many cultural and societal changes Travellers have faced throughout history.

 "If We Hadn’t the Horses’ gruber ge a lud’ra Tipperary Mincéir curry shum’s a swuni’d gratt’I a ‘LSAD postgraduate’ Gianna Tasha Tomasso.

A gruber tori tilrk g’e geels. A grati’ath dar’p a cuid granel a gruber misli’d ain a g’e gra a whidden ain curry shum a cuid anam, lesko a geels Mincéir tapa min'tirt.

 Of gami kanya, lesko and tom neeja tori, a feins cuid a bog swuni cuid’ath graskal’ath a anam whid.

 G’e a bini swunied a feins a gruber a ‘proformative workshop’ a tom gruber a bender an whidden olsk Mincéir ain curry shum, tori’in ela grimsef Mincéirs gredan.


The CAMP project is a series of collaborative works created by Artists working directly and in collaboration with a number of different Irish Traveller groups and communities. The project is inspired by Travellers’ Journey, a year long temporary exhibition at the National Museum of Ireland-Country Life. The commissioned art works expand upon the themes explored through the exhibition.  The awardees are Gianna Tomasso, Louise Wallace & Brid Murphy. These artists are currently students on Postgrad & Undergrad programmes at Limerick School of Art & Design. The communities are from varied and dynamic groups within Traveller culture and offer a unique view of the lived experiences of people and their struggle for acceptance whilst also celebrating a shared Irish heritage and uniqueness. The aim of the project is to create a series of artworks together with Irish Travellers. The Traveller voice is the primary motivator, orator and orchestrator of the works. In some cases the artist has given over the power of the lens to their collaborator, creating a new type of relationship where artistic practice is interrogated through socially engaged ideas of cultural production. The key emphasis of the project is to use art as a new type of language to give power to a marginalised voice. The core of the project was to create a series of unique art works that convey the identity and lived experiences of some Irish Travellers. The project was specially commissioned by the National Museum of Ireland - Country Life with support from Limerick School of Art & Design, Limerick Institute of Technology. The CAMP project is curated by Aideen Barry Artist and LIT Lecturer.


The project ran from 7th of February at the Museum of Country Life, with an official launch on the 9th of March 2019. The project also featured a number of educational and ancillary events over the course of the exhibition. Details of activities relating to the project can be found on 



The CAMP project is a temporary exhibition taking place in a temporary location within the Museum of Country Life. Ancillary events have taken place in the National Museum of Ireland at Collin's Barracks, Dublin.


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