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Thursday the 7th of February 2019.


The project will begin with a workshop by members ot the Tipperary Horse Owners Organsation who collaborated with Gianna Tomasso

( LSAD Post Grad student) in the generation of the Film Documentary "If we hadn't the horses" (2019),

Thursday the 21st of February 10.00am-1.30pm

Brid Murphy ( Student at Limerick School of Art & Design, and CAMP commissioned Artist) will run a workshop in Video Mapping and Interactive Video Projection with Traveller Teenagers/School Groups from the Mayo area in the Workshop space at the National Museum of Ireland, Museum of Country Life. In this workshop Brid will cover techniques to make magical moving image installations that can be used to project images on to the front of buildings and interventions in space. Brid will discuss how moving image can be a powerful tool to active conversations on how to challenge predudice and can give voice to the marginalized. She will also discuss her collaboration with Darren Collins and how they used moving image to make a poetic intervention in the Museums Architecture.

Saturday 9th March

2pm – 3pm 

As part of the Travellers’ Journey CAMP arts project, artist Louise Wallace and Ian McDonagh will discuss their collaboration on the CAMP project. The in conversation will be chaired by Aideen Barry, artist and lecturer at Limerick Institute of Technology. Ian will discuss his role in the creation of some of the works in the CAMP project as well as life as a young Traveller person in Contemporary Ireland. Louise will also discuss her collaborative relationship with Irish Traveller young people and how her project manifested, using the lens as a new kind of voice for Travellers to contextualise their world and how they see it. 

Booking required.

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